Millions of pounds of post-consumer vinyl are recycled each year, and some one billion pounds or more are recycled at the post-industrial level (for example, scrap and trim from manufacturing). Many finished vinyl building and construction products contain some amount of recycled content. Overall, more than 99 percent of all manufactured vinyl compound ends up in a finished product, due to widespread post-industrial recycling.

Vinyl containers or rigid blister packaging can be identified by the “3″ symbol as specified by The Society of the Plastics Industry coding system, now law in 39 states. A vinyl container can also be identified by the “smile” or “slash” mark found on its bottom side. These markings can be used by consumers to easily sort plastics for curbside collection.

The vinyl industry has a history of supporting recycling, and this effort continues as companies, alone and through their trade associations, expand existing programs and explore new opportunities to recover vinyl products at the end of their useful life. Product take-back programs are one example, where used products can be returned to the manufacturer to be recycled into the same product for another useful life.

Once recycled, vinyl can be reused in such applications as packaging, pipe, siding, parking stops, floor tiles, notebook covers, traffic cones and more. A study conducted by the University of Toledo in 1989 identified nearly 100 potential applications for recycled vinyl.


End-of-life PVC Moves From Landfill to Urban Eye-Candy
Italian design company Wallcovering Pubblicità is combining visual flair with good environmental management with its use of recycled PVC, originating from cable ducts, as the main raw material in street sign poles now gracing the streets of Milan.

VinylPlus: PVC Recycling and Sustainability
PVC can be recycled and not only does it make business sense, it also brings great social and environmental benefits. Experts comment on what is needed to make it work and how VinylPlus can help.

2012 International CES Reused and Recycled 75 Percent of Materials
The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)® significantly expanded its recycling and repurposing efforts at the 2012 International CES in Las Vegas, Jan. 10-13, by recycling 75 percent of show materials. The International CES is the world’s largest technology tradeshow, and has been named North America’s Greenest Show by Trade Show Executive Magazine.

Vinyl Museum Banners Bring Art Masterpieces to the Home
The Detroit Institute of Arts is the latest art museum to find an innovative way to recycle vinyl street banners that promoted their exhibitions.

Chipotle Serves Up Recycled Lunch Bags for Earth Day
Chipotle Mexican Grill has recycled its vinyl billboards into lunch bags in a promotion that feeds its foundation as well as its customers.

Macy’s ‘Re-Gifts’ PVC Cards with Earthworks System
Earthworks System LLC has partnered with Macy’s Inc. to provide a recyclable gift card program for the retailer’s customers, the first major department store to offer such a program.

2012 Consumer Electronics Show Debuts Recycled PVC Badge Holders
The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)®, owner and producer of the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show being held in Las Vegas January 10-13, is distributing over 140,000 badge holders made from recycled vinyl, one of many new sustainability practices CES is introducing this year.

Advanced TrimWright Launches PVC Recycling Program
Advanced TrimWright (ATW), a manufacturer of PVC exterior trim products for residential and commercial construction use, has announced the launch of a new, comprehensive PVC recycling program.

NuCedar Mills Expands Line with Innovative Roofing Shingle
NuCedar Mills, Inc., a manufacturer of pre-finished clapboard, vertical siding and mouldings milled from cellular PVC, displayed its innovative R & R shingles and shingle panels at the 2011 International Builders Show in Orlando, Fla. in January.

Earthworks Introduces 100% Recycled Sheet for Plastic Cards
Earthworks System LLC, announced the release of color-matched 100-percent recycled PVC sheet material for gift, loyalty, membership, and credit cards.

New PVC Pipe w/Recycled Content NSF Certified
Charlotte Pipe and Foundry Company has recently received NSF international certification for an innovative PVC pipe that uses recycled material.

Vinyl Industry Teams Up for Winning Olympic Recycling Effort
Once the last medals were awarded and the 2010 Winter Olympic Games came to a close, a major vinyl recycling effort took off, a team effort of the Vinyl Council of Canada, 3M Canada Company, and Mannington Commercial Flooring.

Mass. Recognizes Sika Sarnafil in Vinyl Roof Recycling Program
The Massachusetts Energy and Environmental Affairs Office praised the efforts of Sika Sarnafil for its recycling program that has diverted 4 million pounds of vinyl roofing membranes from Massachusetts landfills since last year.

Mannington to Recycle 19 Million Lbs. of Vinyl Composition Tile
Mannington Commercial has undertaken an innovative environmental initiative to reclaim and recycle post-consumer vinyl composition tile (VCT).

New Flooring Plant in South Carolina Uses Recycled Vinyl
Allied Companies LLC has renovated a textile plant for its new manufacturing company, Allied Industries International, to make non-slip vinyl flooring.

Recycle PVC Calls for Ewe-Nique Exhibit
In another ringing endorsement for recycling products that have been put out to pasture, Jean-Luc Cornec’s exhibit “TribuT” has woven telephone bodies, receivers, and vinyl telephone cords into a flock of sheep.

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