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Looking for a vinyl recycling company that meets your needs? This directory offers you a variety of ways to search for a vinyl recycler. You can search for a specific recycler by using the “Company Name” button below. The “Search Database” button offers the most comprehensive way to find a recycler. Click on that button and you can search by U.S. state, Canadian province or search by processing capabilities along with type and form accepted. And you can use the “Display All” button for an alphabetical listing.

All Companies

4A Plastics Recycling Ltd.
A & B Plastic Co. Ltd.
A-1 Polymill Inc.
Able Plastics
Accurate Recycling Corporation
Adams Plastics
Adirondack Plastics & Recycling, Inc.
All Plastics Recycling Inc.
Allgrind Plastics, Inc.
American Commodities Inc.
American Polymers Corp.
American Trading International
APC Recycling LLC
Appertain Corp
Arenac Opportunities Ind.
Arrotin Plastic Materials
Arthur Products
Arundel Recycling
Astro Industries LLC
Avangard Innovative LP
B & B Plastics Recyclers
B&G Resins Inc.
B. Schoenberg & Co., Inc.
Bata Plastics Inc.
Bayou Plastics Inc.
Bayshore Vinyl Compounds
Bergen Polymers Inc.
Birch Plastics, Inc.
Blackrock Plastics LLC
Bradex Industrial Services Ltd.
Brentwood Industries Inc.
Bright Fish Recycled Plastics Inc.
Bryant Plastics
Butler-MacDonald, Inc.
Canusa Hershman Recycling LLC
Carolina Plastics Inc.
CCC Plastics
Central Polymers, Inc.
Chemiplas, Inc.
Choice Plastics Inc.
CM Polymers, Inc.
Coll Materials
Colorite Polymers
Commercial Plastics Recycling Inc.
Conex of Georgia
Conex Polymer Inc.
Conigliaro Industries, Inc.
Cresset Powers Ltd.
Cryo-Vision, Inc.
Custom Material Sales
Custom Polymers, Inc.
Denton Plastics Inc.
Domino Plastics Co. Inc.
DSC, Inc.
E&R International Inc.
Earthworks System, LLC
ECT Resin Distribution
Eden Rock Recycling
EEI Recycling, Inc.
Enstar Corporation
Entis Associates
Enviroplast Inc.
Ex-Tech Plastics Inc.
Exchange Plastics Corporation
Extrutech Plastics Inc.
Federal Plastics Corp.
Findlay Foam
Four Seasons Chemicals Corp.
Frankel Industries Inc.
Franklin Iron & Metal Inc. Plastics Division
GAR Plastics, Inc.
Garten Services Inc.
General Mill Supply Co.
Generation2Materials Inc.
Genesis Manufacturing, Inc.
Geo Polymers
Gianco Environmental Services
Global Polymer Solutions
Good Fortune Trading Co.
GP Harmon Recycling LLC
Grace Plastics Inc.
Great Lakes International Recycling
Greenline Resins, Inc.
H. Heller & Co., Inc. (USA)
H. Sattler Plastics Co., Inc.
Harbour Town Plastics
Haycore Canada
HEI Recycling Inc.
Henvale Corporation
IHC Trading Co., Inc.
Indiana Polymers Inc.
Industrial Recyclers of Wisconsin
Industrial Resin Recycling, Inc.
Inplas Recycling Inc.
Intercontinental Export-Import, Inc.
Interwest Polymers Inc.
J.P. Industrial Products, Inc.
Jadcore Inc.
Jax Recycling Inc.
JCS Distribution Inc.
Jerico Plastic Industries Inc.
JJC Plastics LLC
JLM Plastics Corporation
Joe's Plastics, Inc.
K&B Plastics Industries
K.C. Lee & Associates
Kaho Plastics
Kimco Steel Sales Ltd.
KJ Plastics, Inc.
KT Advancetec Inc.
L&P Plastics
L. Fine & Co., Inc.
Lacerta Group, Inc.
Lahr Recycling & Resins, Inc.
Lakeland Polymers, LLC
Laudadio Polymers
Lion Extruding Corp.
Lynx Recyclers
MacNeil Polymers Inc.
Maine Plastics, Inc.
Majestic Plastics Inc.
Mallin Bros. Co., Inc.
Manner Resins
Material Recovery Inc.
MBJM Sales Corp.
McDunnough, Inc.
Medina Plastics
Memphis Plastic Pipe
Merlin Plastics
Mervis Industries, Inc.
Midwest Recycling Company
Miller Waste Systems
Monarch Enterprises
MRC Polymers Inc.
MRP Plastics Inc.
Nam Polymers Inc.
National Plastics & Mfg. Co.
National Recycling Inc.
Nemo Plastics Inc.
New Life Plastics Recycling Inc.
New Wave Plastics, LLC.
Noble Recycling, Inc.
Northwest Polymers
Norwich Plastics Group
Nu-Tech Polymers Co., Inc.
Null Enterprises
O.K. Industries, Inc.
Omni Resource Recovery Inc.
Ontario Recycling Inc.
Oriental Export, Inc.
Pacific West Recycling Services
Panamerican Trading Co.
Parc Corp.
Perry Poly Grinding
Pexim International
Philco International Inc.
Plast-Ex International, Inc.
Plastic Advanced Recycling Corp.
Plastic Materials Inc.
Plastic Materials Unlimited
Plastic Nation
Plastic Recyclers Southeast, Inc.
Plastic Rescue Inc.
Plastic Salvage
Plastics Recovery Inc.
Plish Imports Corp.
Poly Resource Recycling Inc.
Polyall International Inc.
Polychem USA Inc.
Polymer Chain Inc.
Polymer Exchange, Inc.
Polymer Marketing Inc.
Polymer Process and Design, Inc.
Polymer Recovery Services
PolyReps, Inc.
PolyTrade Inc.
Preferred Plastics LLC
Premium Plastics
Prime Meridian
Prime PVC Inc.
Pro Pel Plastech
Ram Resins Inc.
RBW Technologies, Inc.
Reaction Polymers, Inc.
Recyc RPM Inc.
Recycled Materials Inc.
Recycling Network Inc. dba National Recycling Network
Recycling Solutions, Inc.
Regenex Corporation
Reily Recovery Systems
Reliable Resins Company
ReNew Plastics
Repco Services, LLC
Resin Technology
Resource Plastics, Inc.
Resource Recycling Inc.
Rez-Tech Corp.
River Trading International
RJM International Inc.
RM Plastics
Ronald Mark Associates
Rondy & Company
Ronford Products, Inc.
RT Waste Hauling
S.B. Recyclers, Inc.
Salitsky Alloys, Inc.
Sarcan Recycling
SBC Recycling, Inc.
Scrap Masters
Second Chance Materials, Inc.
SelecTech, Inc.
Shawnee Canada Ltd.
Shuman Plastics, Inc.
Simba International
Simcoe Plastics Ltd.
Simplas Inc.
Sinosystax Recycling Centre
Solid Waste Reclamation Inc.
Somerset Recycling Services Inc.
Southern Paper Co.
Soverinsky & Son
Specialty Polymer Services, Inc.
St. Joseph Plastics
Starmax Metal & Supply
Step One Polymers LLC
Style Crest
Sun Valley Recycling, Inc.
Syncot Plastics, Inc.
T.S. Investment Company
Talco Plastics Inc.
Team Alliance Plastics, Inc.
Tec Polymer
Terinex International Ltd.
Terrence Commerce, Inc.
The Plastic Works Inc.
The Plastics Group of America
The Willmore Plastics Company, Inc.
Tradepro Inc.
Transworld Plastics
Turtle Island Recycling Co. Inc.
Tycom Recycling Inc.
Ultra Poly Corp.
United Paper Stock Company Inc.
United Plastic Recycling, Inc.
United Plastics Inc.
Universal Composites, Inc.
Valley Plastics & Paper Recycling Inc.
Waste Management
Waste Management Recycle America LLC
WEA, Inc.
WeisCo Recycling
Werlor Waste Control Inc.
Wexford International
White Gem International, Inc.
Willmore Plastics Co.
World Wide Services LLC
XSResen Inc.

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