This toolkit is a comprehensive resource of education pieces–from facts on key environmental issues to tips for effective communication with elected officials. It was designed to empower members of the vinyl community with the tools and knowledge to become even stronger vinyl advocates and help establish vinyl as a sustainable, responsible and safe material for tomorrow.


  • Quick Reference
    A multi-flap booklet, each page focusing on one of the major attributes of vinyl. Flip directly to a specific topic for the specific information you need.
  • Hot Topics Handbook
    A quick way to handle conversations that focus on environmental/safety issues, this flyer provides brief answers to a specific concern and a collective overview of our commitment to safety and responsibility.
  • Where to Go
    A quick reference card that includes contact information for VI staff on one side, and online resources for vinyl information on the other side.
  • Vinyl – The Material for Life
    This mini-booklet, with full-color pictures of vinyl products, has been updated to include the newest messages about vinyl. It provides a broad overview of vinyl’s benefits, as well as information refuting misconceptions about vinyl.
  • Contacting Members of Congress
    A helpful reference tool when responding to existing or pending legislation, this sheet provides information and tips on communicating with legislators.
  • Conferences of Interest
    A listing of associations and organizations, and their web sites, offering conferences that are especially pertinent to the vinyl community.

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