Vinyl plays a critical role in helping make modern automobiles safe, cost effective and of high quality, while also reducing their impact on the environment. Among the uses for vinyl in automobiles are body side moldings, windshield system components, interior upholstery, under-the-hood wiring, under-the-car abrasion coatings, floor mats; adhesives and sealants; other components such as dashboards and arm rests.

Vinyl is used in many automotive applications because the material is so flexible. Vinyl helps:

  • Makes cars last longer – The durability of vinyl has helped extend the lifespan of the average automobile from 11.5 years in the 1970s to 17 years today.
  • Makes cars more affordable – Vinyl is cost effective, and this fact helps ensure that more automobiles remain in the price range of a greater number of people. Alternatives to vinyl automotive products have been found to be significantly more expensive.
  • Helps save lives – Vinyl’s use in “soft” dashboards helps cushion impact during accidents, and its fire retardant capabilities improve the overall safety of the car.
  • Conserves fossil fuels – The manufacture of vinyl requires comparatively low energy consumption, cutting the depletion of natural resources, and vinyl’s lightness helps reduce the weight of automobiles and thus reduces fuel consumption.


Vinyl Art Project Drives Sustainable Transportation
Riders will get a chance to witness Art Train Conductor No. 9 that will be displayed on different train corridors. The exterior exhibits abstract art with brightly coloured vinyl wrap and the interior features posters and ceiling vinyl, which GO Transit President Gary McNeil called it the “Sistine Chapel.”

BART Orders More Vinyl Seats Following Rider Approval
A new BART survey found that of 1,200 riders surveyed, 3/4 of the them preferred new vinyl seats installed in some trains in April over the old cloth seats.

BART Trains Roll Out New Vinyl Seats
The Bay Area Rapid Transit system just introduced new vinyl cushioned seats on several train cars, already praised by riders for their comfort.  BART officials say the vinyl seats will look better, last longer, stay cleaner, and cost less to maintain.

All Aboard with New Vinyl Seats on BART Transit System
New vinyl covers will replace the wool fabric seats in 100 of the Bay Area Rapid Transit 669 train cars, with the replacement process set to be completed by July.  BART officials say the vinyl seats will look better, last longer, stay cleaner and cost less to maintain.

All Aboard the On-Line School Bus to Learn About Vinyl Products
As back-to-school season rolls around, it’s important to remember the vital role of vinyl and chlorine-based products in our lives.

Shanghai Taxis Hail New Vinyl Seats as Sustainable Choice
Dazhong, one of the main taxi companies in Shanghai, is installing vinyl seats for its passengers which the taxi company claims is a greener, more durable, and safer alternative to its existing seat covers.

Vroom! Vinyl Wraps Race Cars with Elaborate Graphics
The latest technology in vinyl wrap graphics gave cars at a Bristol Motor Speedway charity race the old-school look.

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