Toy makers around the world have been using vinyl for nearly 50 years to make some of the best known and most popular toys and children’s products. Why? Because vinyl makes good, safe toys that are durable, easy to clean and are fun for kids of all ages!

There’s a good reason toymakers continue to choose vinyl — it is one of the most thoroughly tested, well-researched plastic materials on the market today. Moreover, vinyl has been carefully and continually examined by the world’s leading governmental health authorities. Those groups, too, continue to give vinyl their approval for even the most demanding and health-sensitive children’s products.


Parents Learn to Save with PVC School Supplies
As September approaches, the durability and value of PVC school supplies can help parents save money.

The ABC’s of PVC School Supplies
As it is time for children and parents to shop for school supplies, this list runs the alphabet with products made of PVC or vinyl, and their many benefits.

Denver Man Does Amaze-ing Work with PVC Panels
Greg Gallavan’s company, Amaze N’ Mazes, has become a worldwide builder of mazes for the amusement industry. Since its founding in 1988, the company has built 50 mazes throughout the world, including projects in Spain and Jamaica.PVC panels are the primary material used in the mazes.

Vinyl Cruisers:  A New Spin on Summer Fun
Whether its cruising to a skate spot, bombing a hill, getting around town, skating to a bar or riding your way around campus in-between classes, these vinyl cruisers are the latest rage this summer.

All Aboard the On-Line School Bus to Learn About the Importance of Vinyl Products!
As back-to-school season rolls around, it’s important to remember the vital role of vinyl and chlorine-based products in our lives.

Media Labels Vinyl School Supply Scare a False Alarm, ‘Nonsense’
As parents sent children back to school, they were hit by a barrage of stories about the presumed dangers of children’s school products.  Binders, backpacks, lunchboxes, notebooks, raingear, and other school supplies containing phthalates a plasticizer used to make PVC or vinyl products flexible, were cited as potential dangers to children’s health.

Vinyl Action Figures Rule at Comic-Con 2012
Several new vinyl action figures will invade Comic-Con 2012, the world’s largest annual comic book and pop culture convention, which runs July 11-15, at the San Diego Convention Center.

Children & Adults Still Sticking with Vinyl Colorforms 60 Years On
Sixty years ago, two art students dreamed up a way to stick thin pieces of colored vinyl on semi-gloss boards which would easily peel off for continual creative play.  Sixty years later, Colorforms® still entertains children of all ages.

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